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• Finest Grade Tool Steel
• Deep Tempered - Exclusive with Enderes®!

Pry Bars, Ripping Bars and Nail Pullers are used in construction and demolition when pulling nails, ripping wood, prying moulding and similar tasks are done. Their length and shape provide greater leverage than claw hammers and other striking tools which are not designed for prying.

Never strike the claw, or working portion, of the bar. The claw is not designed to withstand such a blow and the bar may fracture. Always wear safety goggles when using these bars.

Most bars come as combination tools with two different end styles. This provides versatility in meeting job demands. Features usually include an extended body and a combo of either a tapered end, a nail claw or a nail pulling slot.

Longer and more sharply curved bars provide the greatest leverage for the toughest jobs

Discard any bar that is bent or has a chipped, broken claw, or rounded or dull bevel.

Since Enderes® Bars are forged only from domestic high carbon tool steel, heat treated and polished, they will resist excessive wear more effectively than any other bar. They conform to all applicable ANSI and ASTM steel standards for materials, physical properties and testing, including A-29-79, A332-80, A331-79, A576-79, and A681-76. All styles fall within the appropriate Rockwell hardness ranges recommended by ANSI and ASTM for their intended applications.




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