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• Finest Grade Tool Steel
• Deep Tempered - Exclusive with Enderes®!

Cold Chisels are used for cutting, shaping, or removing cold metals softer than the chisel itself such as cast or wrought iron, unhardened steel, aluminum, brass, or copper. Never use a Cold Chisel on concrete, stone, or a metal harder than the chisel's cutting edge.

The chisel has a cutting edge at one end, and a struck face at the other to be struck with a ball-peen or machinists hammer. Never strike with a nail hammer and never strike anywhere except the struck face.

Always strike the chisel with a light, cautious blow when starting a job to determine the relative hardness of the metal to be cut. Always wear safety goggles when using a cold chisel as well as when using all struck hand tools.

Flat Chisels are the most frequently used Cold Chisels. Enderes Tools® offers them in 17 sizes from 1/4" cut to 1" cut including 12" and 18" extra length models.

A dull cutting edge may be sharpened using a common file as described in our "Maintenance" section below.

  1. Always wear safety goggles when sharpening a cutting edge and when ever using a striking tool.
  2. Rigidly support the tool being sharpened. Secure in a bench vise if possible.
  3. Never use grinding to sharpen. This causes excessive heat and may result in a loss of strength, durability and temper.
  4. Instead, use a file or stone of medium or fine grit and file away from the cutting edge. This directs heat away from the edge.
  5. The original contour of the cutting edge or point should be restored. Flat cold chisels should be restored to a bevel angle of 70 degrees.

Discard any Cold Chisel if it is bent or shows dents, cracks, chips, mushrooming, or excessive wear.

Enderes Tools® Cold Chisels are forged and heat treated using only the finest domestic high carbon tool steel. They conform to all applicable ANSI and ASTM steel standards for materials, physical properties, and testing, including A29-79, A322-79a, A331-74 (1979), A576-79, and A681-76. Rockwell hardness range is C57-59 so your Enderes® Cold Chisel will hold its cutting edge longer and resist excessive wear.




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