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Star Drills are the forerunners of today's electric masonry drill bits. They are designed to create holes in masonry, brick, stone, and concrete. Star Drills are for hand use only. They are not to be used in power drilling equipment. The Star Drill cutting edge resembles four chisels joined at their edges to form a cross.

They are most often used today to supplement power drilling equipment. Star Drills easily cut through hard rocks, agates, and other hard materials encountered in masonry which can destroy electric masonry drill bits. Star Drills should be struck squarely with a hand drilling hammer. Never strike with a nail hammer and never use on anything but masonry. Always wear safety goggles when using Star Drills.


A Screw Extractor is used to remove screws, bolts, and other metal fasteners which are damaged or otherwise inaccessible through usual extraction methods.

A guide hole is drilled into the top of the fastener to be removed. The Screw Extractor is then driven into the fastener head with a ball pein or machinists hammer and turned counter-clockwise until the fastener is re- moved. Be sure to select a screw extractor of the appropriate size, just as you would match a screwdriver tip to the size and shape of the screw recess.

Never strike a Screw Extractor with a nail hammer and always wear safety goggles when using one.

Enderes Tools® Star Drills are available in 5 different sizes and lengths with cut points ranging from 3/8" to 1". Enderes® Screw Extractors are available in 9 different sizes and lengths with point sizes ranging from 3/32" thru 5/8".

A Star Drill's dull cutting points may be sharpened using a common file. Be sure to maintain the original bevel. Star Drills should be discarded if they have chipped, battered, or mushroomed heads. Enderes® Screw Extractors may be redressed using a common file. Discard any Screw Extractor that is bent or show dents, cracks, chips, or mushrooming.

Enderes Tools® Star Drills resist chipping and mushrooming longer than other Star Drills because they're forged, heat treated, and precision pointed. Enderes® Screw Extractors are the only forged, straight flute extractors available, so they will perform where machined or spiral-type extractors fail. In addition the tapered and straight flutes will not damage the object being removed. Enderes® Star Drills and Screw Extractors conform to all applicable ANSI and ASTM steel standards for materials, physical properties, and testing. Rockwell hardness range is C57-59.




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